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Get Creative


Sixty Days of Fame Exhibit Series


RERESH Art Sculpture 

There are many opportunities to get creative with Culture Summerside. Check out some of the ways listed below:

Learn the Art of Critiquing- Learn the elements of art critiquing and try it out for yourself on a spotlighted piece of art on our website here

Creative Writing Challenge: Using the given prompt, write a short story that can be submitted to us and potentially be featured on our website. Click here. 

The Summerside Arts Festival (July): is about celebrating, promoting, and growing the city’s artistic and cultural community. It is about providing a stage for artists, artisans, musicians and more to showcase their work and talent, and personally interact with an audience. Get creative with the arts festival by being an attendee and take in live art demonstrations, workshops and musical performances. There are also opportunities for artists, including:

  • REFRESH is about sustainable creativity! Unleash your inner artist and create a sculpture using recycled material that will be on display all three days of the festival.

  • Artist/ artisan demonstrator

  • Musical performer

  • Workshop facilitator

To find out more about the Summerside Arts Festival, please visit 

Lady Slipper's Rug Hooking Guild: This local rug hooking guild meets weekly at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre Wednesday mornings.

The Summerside Arts Club: The Summerside Arts Club welcomes artists of all mediums to take part. The club meets weekly Thursday mornings at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre. 

Sixty Days of Fame Exhibit Series: Are you an artist interested in exhibiting your pieces? Culture Summerside's Sixty Day of Fame program provides gallery space for artists to showcase their work for two months at one of our historic sites.


To learn more about any of these opportunities, contact 

Summerside Arts Festival


Lady Slipper Rug-Hooking Guild

Summerside Arts Festival

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