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Current Exhibits

We have two new “Sixty Days of Fame” art exhibits at the Wyatt Properties for February and March!


Featured at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre:

Imagination and Nature is the title Summerside artist Phyllis Gay has named her first solo exhibit being featured at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre in Summerside during February-March.


Nature is always the inspiration for her artistic work. She loves being outside in nature with her camera where she spends time with her family exploring trails and seeking out new photographic opportunities that can then be painted at her easel. But her work is not all serious painting on to canvas what she has seen through a camera lens or with the naked eye. She loves to bring her imagination into play and have fun with the natural world. As an example, through imagination she created on canvas an octopus pursuing activities it would never naturally do.


Phyllis Gay, who is self-taught and a member of the Summerside Art Club, does not remember a time she did not want to be an artist. She still has the picture of an owl and ghost that she drew at the age of two which her mother saved. Gay says, “Painting makes my soul happy. I can feel the difference when I have gone for a long time not painting. I know I will never stop learning in my art. Each new piece has something to teach me.” She sees her exhibit as a stepping stone in a continual artist journey that has new goals.


Imagination and Nature can be viewed free of charge at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm starting February through to the end of March.


Featured at the MacNaught History Centre and Archives:

Byrds of a Feather art exhibit is being featured at the MacNaught History Centre and Archives Gallery during February and March. It is a joint exhibit between long time artistic friends, Elise Arsenault and Meahgan Roberts. It celebrates the last decade of their adventures together as “bessy mates, mothers and artists on PEI.”


The two women have been creating art together since Roberts arrived on the Island from Alberta. Roberts found herself with bare walls, so Arsenault, an established painter, encouraged her to take up painting. As they say the rest is history. Roberts is inspired by the mind and brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki & follows the belief that art is anything you can get away with. Her objective is to have her art spread throughout the world. So far it is in six countries. 


Acadian artist & florist Elise Arsenault has been on a two-decade journey of creation. Her Island roots allowed her to study in her youth with local artists of renowned talent. Her travels then took her to the West where she studied floral design and found a second outlet for her love of color and nature. Since returning to the Island a decade ago, both artistic forms have played a major role in her life. Her love of Island seascapes and flowers have shaped her work. The works of Monet and Van Gogh have inspired her use of texture and lush colours. Arsenault is always exploring new mediums.


Byrds of a Feather opens February and runs until the end of March. It can be viewed free of charge, Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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