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"Lighting the Way" Temporary Exhibit - 2021


The book, Lighting the Way: The Story of Summerside Electric 1920 -2020, was launched on November 5th, 2021 at Credit Union Place. For the past year and a half, the staff of Culture Summerside had been engaged in putting into print the 100-year history of Summerside Electric, the municipal utility that serves 11 percent of Prince Edward Island’s electric customers. The book launch included a program featuring special guests, drama, and music. A temporary exhibit was on display which showed various lighting methods used throughout time, ranging from pre-19th century to present day.


Description of Exhibit

“The lives of early people revolved around nature. The sun, moon, and stars were the sole sources of light. The phases of the moon and cloud cover influenced the amount of light that lit the earth during the hours of darkness. Night was a time of lurking danger and unease.

Through observing lighting strikes, humanity discovered fire as a source of light and heat. From that point onward, lighting the way became an active pursuit of humanity. The exhibit reflects the progress of lighting technology spanning from the candle through to present day. It demonstrates changing technology and design through the years”.

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